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Trek-X is a 4-year journey for high school graduates that haven’t completed their bachelor’s degree yet and want to live missionally full-time while they do.  Trek-X combines online COLLEGEe, full-time MISSIONS immersion, and cross-cultural TRAINING as a team within biblical community.   Trek means “journey” and X is the greek letter for Christ in the New Testament, so Trek-X is a journey with Christ, much like what the disciples had with Jesus.  Here’s how it works & who it’s for…

  • COLLEGE – you pick the online university/seminary of your choice (Christian or Secular) & the degree of your choice. (your additional expense) We recommend a secular degree if you plan to live overseas long term.
  • MISSIONS – you will live immersed among unreached people groups as a team, both here in the US and overseas.   You will learn how to share Christ, make disciples, and plant the church in any setting.  During the last 2 years, each Trek-Xer is placed in an overseas location alongside career IMB or TEAM personnel.
  • TRAINING – you will serve on a coed team of Trek-Xers and Field Reps, led by your Area Director/Senior Staff, who live immersed among the refugee/immigrant populations that have come primarily from the 10/40 window.  Your Area Director will use their expertise and experience of living overseas to train you and your team in missional living and disciple making movements that result in church planting.
  • 2 years in the US / 2 years overseas / Graduation is in Israel or Rome.
  • At graduation, Trek-Xers can choose to continue with us full-time as a Field Rep, or apply to be fast-tracked into one of our partnering organizations to serve full-time with them. (IMB or TEAM)

Trek-X fits well for two types of students:  The student who sees themselves called to spend their life overseas, and the student who knows they won’t live overseas beyond Trek-X, but wants to change the world while they’re in college.

Imagine this!  What if in 4 years you could say…”I graduated college, I’ve traveled the world, I’ve shared Christ & made disciples on multiple continents, I learned another language, I’ve been through culture shock, I’ve lived overseas for two years, been to Israel, and have been personally discipled by godly men & women,” and now you stand on the front end of your life, completely changed, radically different, possessing a global perspective, and equipped to truly change the world forever.  Not only is that the type of candidate future employers are looking for, but any sending agency would be honored to have such a seasoned leader.  Plus, it would be awesome!  The reality is…all of that is possible through Trek-X.

So, whether you’re about to enter college, already attending somewhere, or not planning on going to college just yet, Trek-X might be for you.  Pray about joining us on this amazing 4-year missions journey that will radically change your life, and the world, forever.

**NOTE:  All applicants must understand that this is real-world missions training.  It’s amazing & fun, but it requires students to be unusually mature, strong leaders, independent, self-starters/initiators, humble, teachable, team players, passionate about reaching the lost, and not displaying any authority/disrespect issues.



($700/mo covers your Trek-X tuition & $600/mo all your monthly living expenses). Students can raise up to the $30k/year limit.

Students either pay annually, bi-annually, or by raising $1300/mo recurring support by the July 15 deadline prior to entrance.

Trek-X Tuition covers all international travel, travel insurance, team retreats, ministry supplies, training & books, and the graduation trip to Israel. Everything you raise above the $700 tuition becomes your monthly stipend to cover your rent, utilities, wifi, meals, and any additional living expenses. Any expenses above the stipend, including online education, are the responsibility of each student.


A non-refundable application fee of $75 is due with your application prior to any application being considered.


Once accepted, a $1500 non-refundable entry fee is due by May 1 prior to entry. The entry fee is not a part of your annual tuition, is non-refundable, and it is only required once, prior to entry.