We are a TRAINING and LAUNCHING organization with U.S. Hubs in Nashville, Dallas, and St. Louis.  These training Hubs are located among the refugee/immigrant populations in each city which comprise hundreds of language groups from the 10/40 window.  These ethnically dense & religiously diverse areas not only need the Gospel, but they are ideal locations to train and do effective ministry among so many without Christ.  Each Hub is also led by veteran missions leaders who’ve lived overseas for many years with our partnering organizations and who are using their expertise to train & launch cross-cultural disciple makers.  There are two ways to jump in and be trained in one of our HUBs.

Trek-X is a 4-year journey for high school graduates who’ve not finished college yet, but want to serve full-time in missions while completing their bachelor’s degree.

  • COLLEGE:  Complete your degree at the online university of your choice (Pursuing your college degree is highly encouraged during Trek-X but not mandatory)
  • MISSIONS:  Live & train immersed on a team among the unreached
  • TRAINING:  Be personally trained by career staff
  • 2 Years in the US | 2 Years Overseas | Graduation in Israel or Rome

Field Reps are career missions positions for young adults & families who’ve completed their bachelor’s degree.  (Again, having a college degree is highly encouraged but not mandatory to serve)

  • 2 Years training in one of our U.S. Hubs
  • 2 Years overseas alongside career personnel
  • At the end of the first 4 years, you can choose to remain with us full-time or serve with another partnering sending agency
  • You can serve multiple 4-year terms

Each training & launching HUB is led by seasoned missions leaders who’ve lived overseas for an extended period of time as church planters, who love students & young adults, and who have the heart of a coach.  Their expertise and wisdom enables each HUB to be trained in current best practices of disciple-making and church planting that is relevant to cross-cultural settings, both here and overseas.  Here’s how each HUB is structured:

  1. AREA DIRECTOR/TEAM PASTOR – Each HUB has an Area Director who provides the training and leads the entire team.  They have the final say in all matters for their team.  In some HUBS, the Team Pastor is a separate role from the Area Director, and they provide accountability, soul care, and encouragement.
  2. FIELD REPS – Then we add post-college, full-time Field Reps who train & serve full-time before being launched overseas.  They are considered our career personnel.  (22+ years old)
  3. TREK-XERS – are trained & launched as a part of each HUB, but we structure their time & responsibilities a little different, so they can have time to focus on their schoolwork. (18+ years old)

Think about this!  Two-thirds of our world will never hear about the hope of Christ unless someone like you chooses to rearrange their life to intentionally penetrate those people groups with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So, it is our aim to train students, young adults, families, and seasoned adults to serve cross-culturally among unreached peoples, in the US and abroad.

Through our own field units, combined with our partnerships with the IMB & TEAM, we are able to place trained workers in almost any country in the world.  Would you consider serving with us and starting your missions journey in one of these locations?  Click a tab to the right, and let us hear from you.  We’d love to chat!