Does your church desire to launch its own people to the nations?  Does your church long to provide an onramp to the nations for those in your membership who feel called to full-time cross-cultural missions?

Is your church sending mission teams overseas with us year after year?  Then, save money on the cost of your mission trips by becoming a LAUNCH NETWORK partner.  Your partnership not only provides you a discount on mission trips, but enables us to train & launch college students, young adults, and families to the nations among the unreached.

THE LAUNCH NETWORK is a collaboration of missional churches devoted to launching their own cross-cultural missionaries. Through these partnerships, we are able to provide exclusive benefits to churches like yours who have a missional heart and a brokenness for the nations.


We believe the scriptures are clear that the local church is God’s only plan for sending missional believers to the nations, not other organizations. (Mt. 28:18-20)



  • 4.5 billion people in the world have little to no access to the Gospel.
  • The U.S. is taking in large numbers of refugees each year who represent unreached people groups from many of the nations we’d love to reach. Nashville alone has 132 language groups & the largest Iraqi population in the world, outside of Iraq. (28k Kurds)
  • The entire evangelical world currently has no strategic plan to identify, train, and launch its own people to the nations.
  • Many organizations are sending workers home for lack of funding.
  • The missions pipeline IS MISSING!  If we were an airline carrier, we would have great airplanes (churches) and incredible destinations (US & International mission locations), but NO RUNWAY.  

By partnering together, we can put OUR MISSIONS PIPELINE in place, connecting your church to the nations, and providing a runway for anyone in your congregation, young or old, to be trained and launched as a cross-cultural missionary.  Our pipeline involves everyone from students, to young adults, and families who desire to take the Gospel to the unreached.

If you want to insert the MISSIONS PIPELINE into your church’s missions strategy and empower your church to launch its own people to the nations at any season of life, then you need to be a part of The LAUNCH Network.


All partnering churches receive…
    We will coordinate and lead an unlimited number of deeply discounted, all-inclusive, turn-key mission treks to any of our locations for you.  Every single person on your trek will get a 15% discount off their trip price.  All our locations are focused on expanding church planting efforts among the unreached.
  • TREK-X:
    A $1000 discount
    off the $1500 entrance fee for any Trek-X applicant from your church.
    Provides your church with a missions site in the US where your people can serve among UPGs with us.
    Free professional support-raising training, planning, and personal coaching to 100% funding for anyone from your church who is accepted to serve with us full-time. (A $5000 value)
    Exclusive access to all missionary training, educational resources, private training groups, people group research, and video tutorials from practitioners & experts via our mobile app & website. (coming soon)
    We’re available via phone & Skype to your designated point-person as you need us throughout the year, and face to face visits at your request.  We want to help you build a biblically sound strategic plan for identifying, training, & launching your own people to the nations.
  • INCLUDE – this missionary pipeline in your church’s mission strategy
  • INFORM – your church about this missionary pipeline by sharing it…
    • From the stage regularly & in age-level environments
    • From your website & the missions page (we will provide video info with links)
    • On any printed missions materials
    • Pray for God to raise up laborers from your own church who will go!
    • Give to the Launch Network through an annual partnership fee while also supporting anyone from your church who chooses to serve full-time with us.
    • Send your people, at all age levels, to the appropriate on-ramp of the missionary pipeline.

The majority of missions giving worldwide is used to support those already reached, while less than .064% is given to actually train and launch missionaries to the unreached people groups of the world.  This would be like funding our military without providing a boot camp as an onramp or entry point to service.  We aim to change this by providing the local church with a missionary training HUB.  The pipeline will accelerate the learning curve for those called to serve, provide the training they need before moving overseas, speed the spread of the Gospel among the unreached (UPGs/UUPGs), and reduce the attrition rate in cross-cultural settings.

Obviously we won’t refuse any gift, but in order to accomplish the goals before us, we are asking each church to contribute the following annual gift, based on the size of your church:

  • < 500 in weekly worship = $2,000/year
  • 501-1000 in weekly worship = $3,000/year
  • 1001-2000 in weekly worship = $6,000/year
  • 2001-4000 in weekly worship = $12,000/year
  • 4000+ in weekly worship = $6,000/year + 1% of annual missions budget.

We do NOT want to exclude any church from access to this opportunity because of finances, so feel free to contact us with questions about any of these amounts or your church’s participation level.  There are multiple ways to contribute.


Our key partnerships allow us to mobilize personnel to over 40 countries on 5 continents.