Tour Purpose

Many churches, student groups, church staff, families, and individuals are wanting more info on how to engage the international community around them.  Some are praying about how to involve their church, or looking for a place for their church members to be trained & launched to the nations.  Others are wrestling with a full-time call to missions.  Whatever the case, these immersion tours are designed to give you full exposure to global missions…right here in the US.  You will feel like you’ve stepped into another country after this immersion tour.

Cost & Tour Details

The cost of the tour is $35/person.  Here is what it covers:

  • Your tour will be led by 1 or more of our full-time team members who are training & serving among the refugee community.
  • The tour begins with a great cup of local coffee, coupled with a brief orientation & explanation of our ministry, and an overview of our international corridor and ministry area.
  • A 3-hour cross-cultural tour where you will visit local Buddhist/Hindu temples, Mosques or an Islamic center, and some international markets. (bring spending for any snacks & souvenirs in these markets)
  • We will debrief over lunch (included in price) at an international restaurant, and then you are free to go.

SCHEDULE YOUR TOUR TODAY by clicking the registration button at the top right.  We hope to see you soon!

Keep in mind, we can only accept a limited number of tours each month to avoid disrupting our normal weekly training schedule.  So schedule in advance and our Area Director will connect with you to confirm.