Our full-time personnel are called Field Reps.  They live & train as a team among the refugee/immigrant population in the US, before being launched overseas among the unreached.

Two-thirds of our world has little to no access to the Gospel.  That’s 4.5B people who will never hear about the hope of Christ unless someone like you chooses to rearrange their life to intentionally penetrate those people groups with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We aim to do just that by having students, young adults, married couples, and families living immersed as a team among these people groups, identifying people of peace, gathering them around the Word of God in Discovery Bible Studies that share Christ & make disciples. As people come to faith in Jesus, new believers are baptized, new leaders rise up & are trained, and new churches are born with the DNA to replicate & multiply this process throughout their own people group.

Under the leadership of an Area Director, our Field Reps serve as a team in their ministry area while helping to invest in younger Trek-X students, involving them in their ministry, and modeling missional living.


We live in an incredibly unique time in America where God has seen fit to bring the nations to us.  Each year, the US receives over 50,000 refugees seeking asylum from persecution & oppressive regimes, either for their ethnicity, tribal relations, or religion.  More than any other country in the world.  These refugees are coming from many of the nations where it is difficult to send workers, making it easier than ever to engage those people groups with the Gospel.  No more excuses!


Currently, we are accepting applications to our training HUBs in Nashville, Dallas, and St. Louis.  All three cities are resettlement cities for the refugees mentioned above and the population is growing each year.  Nashville over 132 language groups and the largest Iraqi population outside of Iraq.  Dallas has over 90+ language groups and one of the largest refugee/immigrant populations in the US.  St. Louis has the largest foreign born population of any city in the US.

In addition, before anyone is able to serve overseas full-time with us, each Field Rep must begin their training in one of our US locations first.  This gives us time to get to know you on a personal level, provide the training you’ll need, and insure that you are fully equipped to serve well for the long haul.  When we feel you’re ready, and it is healthy for your team, you can be approved for overseas placement.  We do this because we are interested in the long-term health of our personnel and an effective strategy for endurance in ministry.

If God is calling you to serve full-time cross-culturally, and you are a college graduate and ready to live on mission…then now is your time!  For half the cost of most organizations, you can serve full-time with us.  For more information, download the “Field Rep Packet”, apply online, and begin your training today.