Our Philosophy

As an organization, we operate with a deep conviction in two things…Christ & the church.  According to Scripture, Jesus is the ONLY answer for humanity (John 14:6), so we “share Christ” in everything we do.  In addition, the only plan the Bible gives for reaching the world is the church (Matthew 16:18), so we focus on organic disciple-making that results in planting churches.  Two additional components of our DNA are also part of what drive our strategy.  They are the STUDENTS and THE NATIONS.

STUDENTS –  nearly every major awakening, movement of God, or revival in history has started with students & young adults.  85% of all who come to faith in Christ do so before the age of 18.  We believe most, if not all, of the disciples of Christ were teenagers according to biblical references and the 3-phase development process for Hebrew male culture.  So investing in students in order to continually raise up disciples who make disciples is a key part of who we are as an organization.  This means that every adult in our ministry has the two-fold responsibility of sharing Christ & making disciples while also reaching down to help mentor those younger than them to do the same.

THE NATIONS –  we absolutely LOVE all people & cultures.  There are 4.5B unreached people in the world who have little to no access to the Gospel.  Our hearts are broken over this and will not rest until all have had a chance to hear about the hope of Christ.  We aim to share Christ & make disciples among them all.

Our Mission

Mobilizing Students exists to trek, train, and launch missional believers who share Christ & make disciples among the unreached.

Our Strategy

We follow a simple strategy…Trek, Train, Launch.

TREK:  A variety of short & long-term treks allow students & adults to share the Gospel among the unreached while experiencing God’s kingdom agenda.  We hope that through these journeys, all will experience a personal collision between the American dream and the Kingdom dream…and answer God’s call to live life on mission full-time.

TRAIN:  We have training HUBs in  Nashville, Dallas, and St. Louis.  These training Hubs are located among the refugee/immigrant populations in each city which comprise hundreds of language groups from the 10/40 window. These ethnically dense & religiously diverse areas are ideal locations to reach the lost and train for overseas service. Each Hub is also led by veteran leaders who ve lived overseas for many years and who are using their expertise to train & launch our college and adult personnel. (Trek-Xers & Field Reps)

LAUNCH:  The LAUNCH Network is a collaboration of missional churches who partner with us by supporting our efforts financially, and as a result, are able to receive discounts on all our journeys while utilizing our HUBs to train & launch their own people to the nations.